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Samsung announced the closure of its PC business, main push on portable devices

As Personal Computer(PC) business is undergoing a fundamental shift, it is difficult to achieve profitability. Samsung Electronics will close the traditional desktop PC business, focusing on the popular Internet and portable devices, tablet PC for current work, and next year will hit the tablet market.

According to the latest PC market data, someone expects traditional PC (desktop and ordinary laptop) shipments in 2013 will be reduced by 10.6%. The tablet shipments have been on the rise, an increase of 67.9% in 2013, a total of about 202 million units shipped. Meanwhile, the mobile phone shipments this year are expected to grow to 180 million units. Personal PC, mobile phones and other devices shipments will totally be more than 2.3 billion units, ie about every third man had a device on Earth.

Last Monday, Samsung Electronics executives said the company will launch more Tablet styles than flagship Galaxy smartphone next year. Last year, Samsung Electronics sold 16 million tablets. This year's goal is exceeding twice of last year's goal, to 33 million units, expanding the market share of Samsung Electronics tablet.

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